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In the 3 months since we launched the website and social media campaign* sales have more than doubled.

The newfound and focused goal of Ongaro is to help conscientious men and women get the most effective eco-friendly skin care possible. A new visual identity was developed. Color is known to increase brand recognition (or people remembering a brand) by 80%. Previously, the brand had not been using color to their advantage. We used new brand colors throughout their website, e-mail marketing and social media marketing to help the company be perceived as more fun and accessible than their simple green and white color palette before. We simplified the site, making the sole purpose of the site to sell products, instead of overloading potential customers with information. We reorganized the products into 4 different pages: Body, Face, Hair and All. Organizing like this helps customers get in and to the products they want much faster.

The new site also has the ability for clients to create an account with Ongaro. That means they’ll be able to save their information instead of having to re-enter it every time they want to buy another product.

To aid in the purpose of selling we added the main selling points of the products in a digestible infographic on the homepage. We also included a ton of our favorite testimonials to drastically increase the company credibility.  

*compared to the three months directly before launch.

Beauty Industry Marketing


When we started working with Ongaro their main focus was to build up their marketing and brand representation. After we did a website analysis, we realized that there were bugs in the usability of their website, and the check out issues were stopping people from buying. Fixing this became goal number one. We also needed the branding we had developed in social media and e-mail marketing to be presented on the site, to encourage more brand recognition through a cohesive brand.

Marketing with the use of animation has been a big factor in helping the company become perceived as fun. Right now in design, content is king, and video is like the heir to the throne. It gets more engagement compared to it’s stagnant counterpart, the photo.

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