Re-Branding + The New Business Name


Say my name, say my name.

Beyonce knew the importance of a name. If you cringe at your business name or visual branding like I used to, do yourself a favor and make it your top priority to change it.

That’s right guys- along with a new visual brand we also have a new name. *Sits up straight, talks in English accent* KM Design will henceforth be known as At First Sight Creative.


I’ve wanted to rebrand literally since I started this company. (I was getting clients and filling up my queue with projects and so just needed something online to show that I was legit.)

You can imagine after three years what a relief it is to finally have something that feels like it fits. It’s like I’ve been walking around in the dorky skater shoes I used to wear in middle school. Outdated stylistically and a size too small. It was uncomfortable and just a little bit embarrassing. But now! Oh now I found a new pair of waterproof black booties with just enough heel to make me look good but not making me taller than my boyfriend. That’s right. Accurate branding is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. *le sigh*

So. I thought that you might be interested in finding out what this new name means! Unlike the old name which was just initials + design ( KM Design). So original and creative, I know.

Meaning Behind the New Name

Here I’ll stop you in your tracks when you guess that the new name means love at first sight. You would only partially right!

Here at AFSC we help your business make powerful first impressions. One that makes your clients feel the emotions they need in order to vibe with you!

The name, At First Sight Creative, references the fact that branding and design strategy is all about those first impressions. I’ve been saying for years that our goal with branding is to make impression that count.

It’s been proven (by women and men in white lab coats studying other people, being paid big money by big companies in order to find out something we pretty much already know, which is) that the general public decides if they like a brand within 1/10th of a second.


ONE. TENTH. Of a second.


It’s crazy, right? Your website probably takes longer to load than it does for your customers to decide if they vibe with you or not.

And once they decide *snaps* that’s it! Minds have been made. And ask anyone, we humans are stubborn creatures. Good luck getting us to switch gears!


That’s why a powerful, cohesive and representative brand design is so. stinkin’. important. People really do fall in love At First Sight. So if you have any representation out there for yourself (business cards, website, logo, branding, social media…) make sure that it’s created with your people in mind. Help them fall in love with your brand… at first sight.