Branding in the wellness industry


Before we dig in, let’s talk about what branding is. Some people believe that branding is just the visual representation of your brand (logo, colors, etc). 

That’s not quite it though. 

A brand is how the world perceives your business. Branding is the process that shapes and gives meaning to your business. It comes from all the content you put out, how you treat your clients or potential clients, and then yes it should be reflected by your visual brand identity (the logo, etc.). The ethos or spirit of your brand often comes from digging deep into your purpose and developing a path to help others to see that purpose. 

These 3 steps are important no matter what industry you’re in, but it can be especially important in the wellness industry. Scroll down further to read more details about each tip.

3 tips for great branding in the wellness industry.

  • Know your why. Write it down! 

  • Get personal about your brand. Sharing your wellness journey or success story makes your brand credible.

  • Share with purpose. Where will you share, how often and how do you want to go about getting your purpose known? Embrace it when your brand evolves.

Bullet #1 : Know Your Why.

This is important in any business, but especially in the wellness industry. Knowing your why generally comes down to asking yourself what kind of an impact you want to make. If you’re a fitness brand, what is it about fitness that makes you want to make happen, for yourself, for others? If you’re a yoga instructor, how did you come to get involved with yoga? What has it done for you? Why do you want to teach others? What do you want to teach others? What is the outcome that people should have after interacting with you, hiring you or otherwise engaging with you? What services are you offering to help get your followers there? 

Your why should get you excited! At First Sight Creative’s why has us pretty much elated. We even wove it into our mission statement. 

We set businesses up for inevitable success. 

Why is setting up businesses for inevitable success important to us? Because we’re obsessed with the freedom, lifestyle, and passion that business ownership has brought ourselves. We think everyone deserves to be in charge of their destiny, and owning a business allows for exactly that.

Don’t be surprised when you get clear about your why if it shapes your business! Due to the our own why, we expanded our services from branding and website design to offering marketing services. We saw a gap in what we were offering our client’s. After they had gorgeous branding and a bomb website, we realized we were sending them out into the world without the skills they needed to bring people to their business. We had to step in and help if we were staying true to our goal, setting businesses up for inevitable success. So, we found other specialists to team up with and bring them the marketing services they were missing. 

Your why will shape your business endeavors.

Another note: It took us a while (literally 2 years) to realize our why. We did a lot of exercises and even created one for those struggling with this piece (check it out). So don’t feel down on yourself or overwhelmed if it doesn’t come right to you. Keep at it. When you find the true why for yourself, you will know.

Bullet #2 : Get personal with your wellness brand

Once you know your why, relate it back to yourself. If you can’t relate to it at all, you just might need to go back to the drawing board.

Don’t be afraid to dig deep into what brought you to the place you’re at now. Sharing a wellness journey of any kind is key to creating a credible wellness brand. Why do you think people love before and after photos so much. Still have a ways to go? Share that. Sharing the hard parts is great for helping other people get involved and interested in your brand. Getting personal about your own struggles is intriguing to people. Everyone loves an underdog story! Now hear this. Sharing the same tired quotes over and over again isn’t going to be entertaining or engaging to people. There’s plenty of noise out there. Differentiate yourself by sharing more about you and sharing things that no one has heard before is a good move.

Get detailed about your business and where you’re at with your own wellness journey. Talk about how you got into the business you’re in and how you want to help people. Has your business helped you? Be empathetic and genuine when you share content. Be entertaining whenever possible. 

Don’t be afraid of stepping out of the norm that is seen in your specific industry category (yoga = pastel colors and tree pose on the beach, fitness accounts = muscle clad / sweating men in bro tanks, booty growth pics, etc). Just make sure you’re doing it in a way that vibes with your brand and your personality. 

Avoid cliches whenever possible! If you have nothing new to add perhaps it’s time to take a break from the constant social media marketing.

Bullet #3 : Be consistent when sharing your brand.

Know where you want to share: instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, blogging, email marketing, stories, youtube, tik tok? 

Know how many times a week/day and stick to it. Do your best to gauge when the best time is to post. For me it’s the morning or noon on instagram. Pinterest is a whole different ballgame. 

Don’t quit. This is a long-term game you’re playing. Even if you’re not seeing the kind of results you want, don’t stop. Showing up consistently is what keeps you top of mind to the followers who are engaging with you. 

You can use the same content twice. You’ll notice that not every single one of your followers is engaging with or even seeing every post that you do. You’ll also see that your channel will grow over time. That means repeating your story is definitely okay. 

Pro Tip: reuse content but make sure you’re not copy+pasting past content. That’s a sure-fire way to lose engagement.


Pro Tip: Pin this to reference later!


Karen Marten