Branding in the wellness industry

3 tips for great branding in the wellness industry.

  • Know your why. Write it down! 

  • Get personal about your brand. Sharing your wellness journey or success story makes your brand credible.

  • Share with purpose. Where will you share, how often and how do you want to go about getting your purpose known? Embrace it when your brand evolves.

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Karen Marten
Part 2: 3-Steps to Define Your Dream Client

3 Steps to Define Your Business’s Dream Client.

Step 1: Write down their tangible characteristics. Things like, where they work, how they spend their free time, where they like to shop.

Step 2: Write down their intangible characteristics. What social issues do they care about? Are they political activists, or really against talking politics?

Step 3: Give them a name. Yep. This Dream Client needs a specific name. This will help you market to him/her/they and get more specific on how you can best be of service!

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Karen Marten