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At First Sight Creative took the company from a few products and an idea, to a full blown, strategically created business. Lo Bedding is a Japanese company that has been interested in fostering great sleep for years. They hired AFSC to help them migrate to United States markets. Lo Bedding needed more than a great web presence and marketing position, they also needed consulting on American trends to make a successful transition into U.S. markets.


While we start every project with competition research, Lo Bedding’s research went deeper than just the obvious look at design and content. The company needed to do a product comparison to make sure the colors, price range and innovation would be well received in the U.S. Since the products Lo Bedding offers are high end, we chose to do a deep dive into brands like Pottery barn and Leesha. Through the competition research we learned how their competition markets other similar products gives insight in how to market our own products. You might think we do it to be able to copy others, but that’s not the case. Once we know what others are doing for marketing, it tells us what not to do, in order to stand out.

Ultimately the goal in the brand development of the company was to help share the vision of the company with the general public. It’s clear that they’re passionate about sleep, but unlike other companies, they’re focused on all things comfy, and are constantly working on development and innovation to bring comfort to the masses.  Ultimately, we defined their core value:

Good sleep for a good life.

Their goals to bring great sleep and a better quality of life to the world is unlimited. That’s why they’re exploring not only new materials for their blankets and pillows, but also delving into developing the highest comfort level for our fur babies. It is these innovative creations that the design and copywriting focused on throughout the site.

Every product has not only a purchase page, but also a product page that delves into the thoughtful details of the products. Everywhere you look on the site you have a chance to learn about the benefits of the products. We increase the perceived value of the products by focusing on the benefits that the products provide for their users. Since they’re an online retailer, this is of the utmost importance. If you didn’t know that the i-hugg blanket gets softer as you wash it, and that it’s made with Japanese weaving techniques, it might look like a typical blanket. Educating those interested in the products, was a big piece of the puzzle to the website design. It was also imperative to have that information on the first page.

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