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At First Sight Creative has worked with a ton of beauty brands. You might call it our specialty. We call it our calling. Working with Botanical Beauty PDX was no exception. When the owner came to us with the need for a new brand, website and messaging, we knew we had a match made in ~* beauty heaven *~.


Defining a Beauty Brand

Delicate, feminine, and attentive to details. Those are both words that define the owner, Arianne’s practice and also are some of the formational words that helped us design Botanical Beauty’s visual branding. The logo itself has numerous plants that Arianne uses in her organic esthetician practice, including chamomile, lavender and berries.

The color palette we decided on was aligned with her feminine vibe. We chose pinks and coppers to tease out throughout her content. When we created the brand collateral including business cards, menu design, gift certificates, certificates of training and appointment cards, we decided to use more delicate, hand-drawn florals as well as her signature baby pink.

Designing a Beauty Business Website

When we moved on to designing the website, we knew that the imagery needed to match the soft, delicate design of her branding. We also didn’t want the site to have that ‘stock photo vibe’. Instead of having to do a whole photoshoot, we used photos of Botanical Beauty’s clients and merged them in Photoshop with images of big flowers. (You can even spot our Creative Director’s photo in there!) The outcome was a mixture of creative, feminine, and just pretty. Plus, the merging of the flowers helped the images work together in a cohesive way. This gave off the impression that the photos were all taken to be used on the website.

For the website design we decided on a one-pager. In laymens’s terms, a long form scrolling website where you don’t have to click any buttons to get to the information you’re looking for. All of the content for this beauty site is right on the home page. Since the majority of Botanical Beauty’s visitors are coming to her site from mobile phones, one pagers were a good choice. Why? Because it gets rid of having to click any tiny buttons on an already tiny phone screen.

The contact form on her site asks quite a few of questions on purpose. We decided to keep it inclusive in order to help Arianne vet each inquiry since she expressed that often times people say they need one services, when in reality they need a different one, or a few to acheive the goals they are after. The form saves her time (and money!). That’s something we at At First Sight Creative get pretty excited about.

Words from the client:

GURRRRL!!!! Homerun!!
- Arianne Kimberly, founder

Goal Oriented Beauty Salon Content Creation

The content on the site had two major goals. Goal #1: share Arianne’s expertise, but also share that when you come to Botanical Beauty it is an inclusive space created to make you feel your most comfortable and beautiful.  Goal #2 give people a taste of what to expect when coming to Botanical Beauty. When you’re looking for a new spa or esthetician to try out for a first time, their website speaks volumes about their professionality. The Botanical Beauty website provides people with an obvious peak into what her space and what her practice feels like. You’ll feel at home immediately while she makes you feel beautiful.

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