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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Bobby Thomas came to At First Sight Creative in need of a a minimalistic logo that could easily be transformed to visually represent him throughout his many business endeavors. At this point in time, the logo is meant to be used for his existing real estate business. As his business endeavors expanded into other areas, the brand and logo should be able to transform, while still staying recognizable.

The challenge we sought to solve for Bobby Thomas through design, was that we wanted it to appeal to female buyers. Statistically, women are the deciding factors when it comes to buying homes. Bobby Thomas wanted to appeal to the female demographic, without being portrayed as a feminine brand. The brand needed to be welcoming and stylish as well. To achieve this, we went with a semi bold typeface, with unobtrusive brand colors. The logo is bold and discerning and the elegant underline graphic changes depending on the branch of business Bobby Thomas is representing

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