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Meet the Creative Director + Founder

Karen is a designer with the knack for noticing details while seeing the big picture and helping businesses do the same. She grew up in the 'burbs of Portland and continued her education at the best school in Oregon (go Ducks!) where she expanded her love for art and re-discovered her love for design. She’s lived in every state in the Pacific NW and believes that petrichor is the best smell on the planet.

Being an artist by nature means that at one point or another Karen was really into drawing, painting, photography, dancing (jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary... even contact improv.) video editing, installation art and occasionally trying her hand at creative writing. Music is a big part of her life and while she’s never gotten too into performing it, she has seen well over 100 live shows and currently loves when she has the opportunity to create album artwork.

She is a fast talker and passionate about the projects she gets involved with. Business ownership has given her the freedom to live a life on her terms, and her biggest desire is to be able to help others realize that freedom as well.

Life is too short to:

  1. Be unhappy

  2. Remove USB drives safely

  3. Work 40+ hours a week on something you don't love.

Numbers 1 & 3 are the reasons At First Sight Creative is in business today. We love working with people who love their business, but aren’t seeing their hard work pay off.

Your logo is just the start.

And it really just scratches the surface of the services that At First Sight Creative offers. Did you know that brands who are crystal clear about their offerings have a better chance at thriving? If you’re not totally sure who your audience is or what their own goals are, our branding package may be the perfect place for you to start.

We’ve helped over 70 businesses go from "meh" to wow.

There's a lot that goes into making first impressions that matter. The brief synopsis starts with identity branding first, graphic design (or visual branding) that represents your specialty second, and then creating an online presence that converts viewers to clients and cash in your pocket. After that the typical ongoing work includes social media marketing, design for advertising and content creation. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these pieces you can write us a note and we would be happy to explain!

Getting clear on your message, crafting a vibe that attracts your people, and creating processes that delight those peeps will help you make the right first impression for your business.


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