The Process


We partner with like minded people and companies to bring brands to life.

The best partnerships are those that let us team up with people who have some similarities to ourselves!
For that reason, it is helpful to know what we like to have in common with our clients.

Our Clients:

  • Know they are hiring us for our expertise. They are comfortable letting our research and industry knowledge be the driving force behind designs.

  • They value organization as well as efficient communication.

  • They enjoy creative exploration as a process, and recognize that the active pursuit of the best project solutions where we often find the best outcomes.


If you read through this list and find yourself saying "that's so me!" then let's get in touch today. Fill out the contact form to learn how we can build an absolutely delightful brand for your company.


The Consultation

It's like a first date! I promise not to make it too awkward. 

We will schedule a time slot preferably by Skype or to get to know each other, and to see if we might be a good fit. This is where you get to ask me all your questions and I get to ask you about your business and the vision &  goals for your new brand, website or social media marketing. Fill out my form here if you're ready to get started on the first step to making your brand absolutely delightful.



I will send you my media kit with all pricing, deliverables and timelines defined. Along with my suggestion for which packages you would be best off with.

Upon proposal approval, I will send you a contract and invoice. Print, sign, scan, and resend the signed contract to me via email. Then, kindly pay the downpayment and we'll get onto more fun stuff!

Booking fills up fast for each month so a downpayment of 50% is required upfront to save your spot in the design queue.


Prep Work 

After we've had our first date, gotten to know each other, and you've booked your project, it's time to lay the foundation.

Depending on the project, I will ask that you upload any existing collateral (photography, existing brand guides, logos, etc.) to a designated Dropbox or G Drive file before we begin.

If you are interested in the website design only, I require that you have a full brand guide already created by a professional designer. Tip:most of my website design clients hire me to do their branding as well.



Since I work with many different entrepreneurs it is important that I take the time to research and educate myself on your respective fields. This also includes research on your target audience, competition and market. If we're working on a branding project, you will receive a mood board, competition analysis and brand strategy before we move to the next step, which is...


Design Time!

As you can see through this process, I create in baby steps before getting to the final product. That way we both have a good idea of what the final outcome needs to be before arriving. If we're working towards a website for your project, this includes the development phase as well. You will see your color palette, font system and graphic elements come together to build your delightful brand!


Refine Time

Even though my process brings clients along with me on the journey, often times there is a tweak here and there that needs to be refined. That's okay! Now is the time to be upfront and honest. (Well, I believe it's always a good time to be honest...) So let's hash out the details and make your brand and website absolutely delightful.

If you need ongoing design work for social media, web hosting, blogs etc. I'll totally stick around for that!

In order to complete projects on schedule, I am only able to take on a small handful clients at a time. Please reach out right away if you think you might benefit from my services!